Management and Business Consulting in Bulgaria


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Sofia, 1 fl., 9 Sv. Sedmochislenitsi str.

We are here to enhance the experience of anyone who wishes to have a remarkable event. All the services provided are individually tailored so that they best meet our customers expectations and desires.

Phone number: 02 9363642

Address: Sofia, Nadezhda 1 bl. 138A ap. 5

Phone number: 02 9873695

Address: Sofia, Stefan Karadzha 22

Phone number: 089 7905095

Address: Ruse, Georgi S. Rakovski 19

Phone number: 02 9713000

Address: Sofia, Aleksandar ZHendov 3

Phone number: 056 960150

Address: Burgas, SHeynovo 3, bivsheto SMK, et.3, ofis 323