Technical Laboratories in Bulgaria

Center for Testing and European Certification

Phone number: 042602377

Stara Zagora, 2 Industrialna Str., fl. 4

Center for Testing and European Certification Ltd offers services in the field of testing and certification of technical products, management systems certification, technical supervision, control, energy efficiency audits and training.


Phone number: 0888652534; 0887252503

Sofia, 43 Cherni vrah Blvd.

Testing laboratory for electrotechnical production ILEP with Elprom-ILEP Ltd. performs for its clients the service of testing and the activities related to the end of assessment of compliance, cetification and declaration of conformity.

Phone number: 02 9879374

Address: Sofia, Iv.Vazov 3

Phone number: 02 962 41 32

Address: Sofia, ul. RILSKI EZERA 5

Phone number: 02 965 16 00

Address: Sofia, ul. Besarabiya 108

Phone number: 0888 699070

Address: Sofia, ul. Haydushka polyana 6

Phone number: 02 770257

Address: Sofia, TSarigradsko shose 72

Phone number: 052 574030

Address: Varna, Zapadna Promishlena Zona ul. Atanas Dalchev 1

Phone number: 062 519190

Address: Veliko Tarnovo, Vihren 3