Technical Laboratories in Bulgaria

Center for Testing and European Certification

Phone number: 042602377

Stara Zagora, 2 Industrialna Str., fl. 4

Center for Testing and European Certification Ltd offers services in the field of testing and certification of technical products, management systems certification, technical supervision, control, energy efficiency audits and training.


Phone number: 0888652534; 0887252503

Sofia, 43 Cherni vrah Blvd.

Testing laboratory for electrotechnical production ILEP with Elprom-ILEP Ltd. performs for its clients the service of testing and the activities related to the end of assessment of compliance, cetification and declaration of conformity.

Phone number: 032 955575

Address: Plovdiv, Pazardzhishko shose 211

Phone number: 02 954 97 66

Address: Sofia, TSar.Boris III 86-90 ent. B fl. 1 ap. 3

Phone number: 032 632289

Address: Plovdiv, Bethoven 12

Phone number: 088 5449216

Address: Sofia, Razsadnik-Konyovitsa bl. 82 ent. B fl. 3 ap. 53

Phone number: 0899 865 443

Address: Balchik, ul. Nezavisimost 2, Hotel Dobrudzha, ofis 101

Phone number: 0619 52204

Address: Kozarevets, ul. Vasil Levski 78 A

Phone number: 056 898065

Address: Burgas, Industrialna zona 3, INN, staya 236