X-ray Laboratories and Equipment in Bulgaria


Phone number: 082507505; 0889645303

Ruse, 9A Petko D.Petkov str.

We offer a combination of experience and professionall approach with youthful enthusiasm and keen on self-improvement. The clinic is equipped with modern dental inventory. There is a comfortable doctor's office and high level of hygiene that we keep.

Orthodontic clinic VALOR

Phone number: 029526125; 0887971207

Sofia, 54 Pliska str.

Orthodontic clinic VALOR is the first specialized orthodontic clinic in Bulgaria. All contemporary kind of appliances are offered. There is a digital X-ray for panoramic X-rays which can be used for the needs of patients of general dentists too.

Phone number: 0723 60222

Address: Botevgrad, Bozhko Bozhilov 1

Phone number: 02 8463428

Address: Sofia, bul. Dondukov 72 fl. 1 ap. 3

Phone number: 0720 6311

Address: Etropole, 27 noemvri 1

Phone number: 088 8607395

Address: Samokov, Makedoniya 49

Phone number: 052 555515

Address: Varna, Republika, IV Poliklinika fl. 1, staya 109

Phone number: 032 510322

Address: Plovdiv, Viktor YUgo