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Phone number: 0888434181; 0888299900

Plovdiv, 3 Ivan Arabadzhiata Str., store 2

Meli-M Company is supplier for traditional and stylized folklore costumes. Folklore costumes are with embrodery or another decoration like traditonal history costumes. Meli-M company is owner Miss Match trade mark and is certifited by ISO 9001


Elin Pelin, gara Elin Pelin Keramik 11V

Phone number: 052 611 792

Address: Varna, Haralambi Angelov 34

Phone number: 088 5601 665

Address: Pazardzhik, Oton Ivanov 72

Phone number: 02 731165

Address: Sofia, TSarigradsko shose,podlez h-l Pliska

Phone number: 089 5490797

Address: Shumen, K.Ficheto 2