Ecotourism in Bulgaria

Guesthouse Dobrotica

Phone number: 0889 513402

Dobrotitsa, ul. Stadiona 3

Guest House 'Dobrotitsa' is located in the village of Dobrotitsa, has a separate lounge with fireplace, TV, sofas. A separate space for children's games and family entertainment. Room with fitness equipment, showers and changing rooms. Room massages


Veliki Preslav, Nats. Arheologicheski rezervat

Phone number: 052 602956

Address: Varna, bul. Primorski

Phone number: 03342 2333

Address: Kosovo,

Phone number: 03071 4166

Address: Zlatograd, ul. Stefan Stambolov 40

Phone number: 089 7848140

Address: Varna, Zapadna promishlena zona

Phone number: 088 755 42 16

Address: Smolyan, Balgariya 69

Phone number: 088 8611815

Address: Osenovo, Golyamata reka

Phone number: 00

Address: Plovdiv, ul. Hebros 1 fl. 2 ap. 4

Phone number: 088 6099015

Address: Debeli Lag,