Herbal Pharmacies in Bulgaria

24 Hour Pharmacy Asklepii

Phone number: 062 605590; 088 6665045

Veliko Tarnovo, ul. Veliki Preslav 4


Plovdiv, Trakiya, ul. Saedinenie, TK Bratya Mirchevi

You will be welcomed by professionals and friends will see you off! Partner of the Regional Health Insurance Fund, Medical devices and supplies; Wide range of nutritional supplements and herbs; Medical cosmetics.


Phone number: 042 602673

Stara Zagora, Dimcho Staev 30


Sofia, Simeonovo bul. Simeonovsko shose 166

The pharmacy is at the begining of Simeonovo. You can find medicines, herbs, homeopathy, baby milk and food, advice. Now you can order via telephone call (not applied for prescription medicines).

Phone number: 02 981 45 90

Address: Sofia, YU.Venelin 1

Phone number: 088 2400568

Address: Sofia, bul. Vasil Levski 119

Phone number: 062 603 460

Address: Veliko Tarnovo, TSar Ivan Asen II 22

Phone number: 088 4275707

Address: Sofia, Mladost 1 bul. Andrey Saharov bl. 74 ent. A