Customs Agents and Services in Bulgaria


Phone number: 0887402082

Shumen, 54 Rishki prohod Str, fl. 3, office 1

Customs representation, customs agency in Shumen. Customs documents, consulting.


Burgas, 4 fl., 32 Gen. Gurko str.

Cargo transporation of oversized and heavy units, spesialized in transport of military and dangerous goods including IMO class 1, ship agent, custom agent, logistics, chartering

Phone number: 032 673226

Address: Plovdiv, Kuklensko shose 32A

Phone number: 056 844 393

Address: Burgas, Graf Ignatiev 7 fl. 1

Phone number: 02 9944961

Address: Sofia, Gorublyane ul. Samokovsko shose 1

Phone number: 02 9310375

Address: Sofia, ul. Klokotnitsa 2A, Biznes tsentar Ivel, ofis 6