Recycling in Bulgaria


Phone number: 0884196378

Razgrad, 1 Peristar str.

Buying, gathering and processing of scrap. Buying and trading with ferrous metals, steel, iron filings, nonferrous metals, copper, aluminum, brass, bronze and stainless steel. Remove, cleanup and disposal of waste.


Phone number: 029751925

Sofia, bul. TSarigradsko shose 60

ECOPACK Bulgaria is the first recovery organization for packaging waste on the Bulgarian market. The achievement of the recovery and recycling targets and the development of system for separate collection of packaging waste are the key priorities.

Phone number: 02 4921800

Address: Sofia, ul. Damyan Gruev 1,ofis 6-7

Phone number: 02 8720502

Address: Sofia, ul. Nikolay Haytov 12

Phone number: 02 4341710

Address: Sofia, Filipovtsi ul.Bansko shose 13

Phone number: 032 277201

Address: Plovdiv, ul. Bratya Bakston 134

Phone number: 092 661341

Address: Beli Izvor,

Phone number: 088 6399014

Address: Pazardzhik, ul. Dimcho Debelyanov 50

Phone number: 02 9591545

Address: Sofia, ul. Podgramada 11

Phone number: 0379 71156

Address: Svilengrad, Panayot Hitov 2