Furniture Shops in Bulgaria


Dimitrovgrad, G.S.Rakovski 13



Troyan, Gen.Kartsov 194, ent. Б



phone: 0878 232 006 ;

Sliven, ul. Slavyanska 8



phone: 0887 865 969 ; 0885 910 739

Kazanlak, bul. Nikola Petkov 1



Nesebar, Lyuben Karavelov 40



Lom, Slavyanska 13



phone: 068604306;

Lovech, ul. Tsar Osvoboditel 58


Cedar Furniture Company-92 Ltd. Lovech. Furniture production in an individual project, furnishing solutions for the whole house. Furniture for offices, hotels and public buildings. Cedar 92 Ltd. is a private company founded in 1992


Karlovo, Dobri Voyvoda 6



phone: 035951355;

Velingrad, ul. Chavdar Voyvoda 29



phone: 0896 888 305 ;

Varna, bul. Slivnitsa, sreshtu Izchislitelniya tsentar



Sofia, Mladost 4, bul. Okolovrasten pat 267


Como furniture store provides complete furnishing solutions for your living room, bedroom, children's room, bathroom, hallway and office. A wide range of modern home accessories and furniture at an affordable price!


Cherven Bryag, Stefan Karadja 4



Karlovo, Gen. Kartsov 1



Elhovo, 3 Mart 52



phone: 0888 925 283 ; 0887 917 196

Sofia, ul. Okolovrasten pat 36


Kitchen furniture; Furniture by individual project; Furniture; Office furniture; Home furniture; Furniture manufacturing


Parvomay, Tsentralen



phone: 032621650; 029587926

Plovdiv, Plovdiv, bul. 6 septemvri 252



Karlovo, Osvobojdenie 3



Asenovgrad, ul. Tsar Ivan Asen II 72



Sofia, Lyulin, bul. Pancho Vladigerov 1



phone: 0878 945 671 ;

Ruse, ul. Gen. Parensov 3


Raydor Company specializes in designing, manufacturing and installing interior and exterior doors of MDF. The products are widely used in both public and private buildings.


phone: 052611229; 052611228

Varna, ul. Atanas Stoev 5


The company Rudi – An Single Member Ltd. was established in 1994 with the purpose of manufacture and trade of upholstered furniture. Through the years we have strengthened our positions on the market with our own design and functionality of the manuf


phone: 0875 232 807 ;

Burgas, Slaveykov, bl. 159 ent. 1 fl. 1


Interior Design Center VERTIKALI is based on competent interconnection between designers, importers, producers and executors. We give an aesthetic and functional meaning to the space and reach a high level of performance and quality of materials.


Svishtov, Bacho Kiro 7



Nova Zagora, Han Krum 2



Razlog, Hristo Botev 21



Svishtov, Sq. Han Bachva, ul. P.Evtimiy 66



Sofia, ul. Okolovrasten pat 257


KARE is a lively lifestyle concept with a unique mix of furniture, lighting, furnishing accessories and gift articles. Brilliant ideas, entrepreneurial flair and never-ending enthusiasm.


Targovishte, Stefan Karadja 7



Kiten, Liliya 1



phone: 0887 414 09 ;

Ruse, ul. Han Kubrat 5


Our company is a distributor of mechanisms for sofas, sleeping arrangements, mechanisms to relax armchairs, armrests, headrests, foot and accessories of the Polish company Stalmot & Wolmet-leader in the production of hardware


Suvorovo, Stefan Karadja



Varna, ul. Atanas Moskov,Akvatsentar 3, fl. 2


Production of furniture for home /kitchens, bedrooms, living rooms, children’s rooms, wardrobes and entrance/, office, villa. Hotel and bar furniture.


Botevgrad, bul. Tsar Osvoboditel 55



Asenovgrad, Ivan Vazov 3



Sofia, Sveta Troitsa, bl. 347 ent. Б


Here in TOPCHO.BG you can purchase soft comfortable chairs known as beanbag chairs or BARBARONI. Made of various types of leather and fabrics, and filled with EPS granules, cushions take the shape of your body and are extremely comfortable.


phone: ; 0898 496 947

Yambol, ul. Dimitar Blagoev, bl. 18



Smolyan, ul. Rodopi 99, ent. A



Sofia, ul. Kapitan Dimitar Spisarevski 24


ENIKOM M has been established in the year of 2000. Our main priority is the creation of cosiness, harmony and beauty at a reasonable price.We are offering everything you need to feel welcome in your home.


phone: 0879 457 448 ;

Burgas, Slaveykov, bl. 55 ent. п


Design Group LTD is a direct importer of high quality, professional indoor and outdoor contract furniture for hotels, restaurants, clubs, apartment complexes, beaches, gardens and homes. Our portfolio includes chairs,sofas, loungers,tables,patio sets


phone: 024219645; 024219646

Sofia, ul. Andrey Lyapchev 1


Individual projects, import and sale of Italian and Spanish furniture in classic or modern style - kitchens, living-rooms, bedrooms, kids rooms, garden furniture, office furniture, sanitary, tiles, ceramics, gress, bathroom furniture.


Rudozem, bul. Bulgaria



Cherven Bryag, Hr. Botev 1 (sreshtu JP gara)



Levski, G.Partsalev 2



Petrich, Kalabak 38



phone: 0897 974 535 ; 056814166

Burgas, Slaveykov, bl.157, sreshtu MOL Galeriya, bl. 157



Dolni Chiflik, Maritsa 1



Kyustendil, Makedoniya 12, bl. 51 ent. Г fl. 2 ap. 60



Burgas, Slaveykov, bl. 126 fl. 2 ap. 16



Petrich, Hristo Chernopeev 11



phone: 0868831617;

Silistra, ul. Tutrakanska 4



Plovdiv, ul. 6-ti septemvri 223



Burgas, Slaveykov, bul. Prof.Yakim Yakimov 29



phone: 032675009;

Plovdiv, ul. Kuklensko shose


Mechanisms and hardware for furniture, mattress-production and trade. Services with metalcutting machines.


phone: 0877 545 244 ; 0877 459 450

Blagoevgrad, ul. Aleksandar Stamboliyski 77



phone: 0885 344 425 ;

Gabrovo, Voynovo,pod Tehnomarket, ul. Sofiysko shose 1



Panagyurishte, ul. G.Benkovski 1



Botevgrad, ul.3-ti mart 87



Plovdiv, bul. Knyaginya Mariya Luiza 25а


Zarra design works for people who seek individuality and who share the same need for beauty in their home as well as the need for comfort and coziness. The company offers high quality furniture and works on custom projects by client's request.


phone: 0879 999 142 ; 0888 925 283

Sofia, ul. Chepinsko shose 15


Kitchen furniture; Furniture by individual project; Furniture; Office furniture; Home furniture; Furniture manufacturing


Gorna Oryahovitsa, Sv.Knyaz Boris I 44



phone: 0878 636 213 ; 0878 250 150

Razgrad, Biznes zona –Peristar, ul. Mebelna, bl. 2