Men's Fashion Shops in Bulgaria


Phone number: 029743796; 0884198911

Sofia, 1 fl., 553 bl., Mladost 1 nbh.

InterTrade M is Bulgarian clothing company. We produce knitwear for our customers in West Europe, mainly France and Germany. The team has over 20 years experience in knitwear production. Our strength is very competitive prices and good quality.


Phone number: 032 233632; 02 9880998

Plovdiv, ul. Opalchenska 7

Synonym for elegance, fine, clean design and smooth quality, Prevail shirts make you feel the comfort and perfection of a pure fabrics. We use 100% cotton for our stylish production. Prevail shirts can be found in our shops in Sofia and Plovdiv.

Phone number: 094 606339

Address: Vidin, Targovska 13

Phone number: 088 8474269

Address: Stara Zagora, Universalen magazin, kletka 38

Phone number: 032 620443

Address: Plovdiv, Rayko Daskalov 41

Phone number: 0893 34 81 46

Address: Sofia, ul. 6-ti septemvri 33

Phone number: 052 610121

Address: Varna, Knyaz Boris I 30

Phone number: 038 602012

Address: Haskovo, ul. Gen. Radetski 33

Phone number: 0898797872

Address: Plovdiv, Peshehoden most Maritsa

Phone number: 082 873017

Address: Ruse, Sveta Troitsa 5