Drug Stores in Bulgaria


Phone number: 0879839658

Plovdiv, Trakiya Nbh., Saedinenie Str., TK Bratya Mirchevi

You will be welcomed by professionals and friends will see you off! Partner of the Regional Health Insurance Fund, Medical devices and supplies; Wide range of nutritional supplements and herbs; Medical cosmetics.


Phone number: 0879101562; 028510316

Sofia, Shandor Petyofi str., 28

Import and trade of highly technological medical products for children, adults, and athletes in cases of acute trauma, chronic ailments, and preventive measures of French company Thuasne, Thuasne-Thamert, Spanish company Fresco, and German Salamander

Phone number: 082 860798

Address: Ruse, Hr.Botev 38

Phone number: 0361 22139

Address: Kardzhali, Georgi Kondolov 2

Phone number: 02 9532851

Address: Sofia, bul. TSar Boris III 23

Phone number: 08118 37 73

Address: Nikolovo, Pliska 50