Veterinary and Sanitation Control Bodies in Bulgaria


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Varna, ul. Podvis bl. 31 ent. G

SANITA VARNA is an expert in pest control with highly qualified personal. The company uses quick and long lasting broad-spectrum agents. We offer individual approach to each case, subscription contracts, consultations, Pest control programs.

Veterinary clinic BIVET

Phone number: 0887 907344

Burgas, ul. Han Krum 44

Examinations, deworming, vaccinations laboratory tests of blood and urine, dermatological research, diagnostic ultrasound, ultrasonic scaling, dentistry, artificial insemination, surgery, food and accessories for your pet.


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Higia-O.C. Ltd is licensed by RIPCPH to execute disinfection and pest control.

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Address: Rakovski, TSar Ivan Asen II 1

Phone number: 052 610851

Address: Varna, Sofroniy Vrachanski 19

Phone number: 02 944 46 36

Address: Sofia, Gen.D.Nikolaev 7