Bazaars and Markets in Bulgaria


Sofia, Hadzhi Dimitar bl. 104, parter

On the Bulgarian market we are known as Krebs. Distributors of Glamour-Plovdiv-Spesita Lovech Komip-Cave, Nota Bene, Cave, Cave, Mary Magdalene and other manufacturers. We are importers of medical work shoes and slippers from Italy.

Phone number: 038 622301

Address: Haskovo, Balgariya, TSentralen zelenchukov pazar

Phone number: 0559 27787

Address: Karnobat, ul. Deveti Septemvri 28

Phone number: 02 9452930

Address: Sofia, Suha reka ul. Al.Ekzarh 45

Phone number: 088 8121794

Address: Gabrovo, TSentralen Pazar

Phone number: 038 664866

Address: Haskovo, mestnost HALILEVO

Phone number: 0631 60709

Address: Svishtov, Al.Konstantinov 28

Phone number: 02 9808571

Address: Sofia, Pirotska 12A

Phone number: 084 660695

Address: Razgrad, Maritsa 2

Phone number: 0953 88113

Address: Berkovitsa, Nikolaevska 5