Agricultural Chemicals and Seed Shops in Bulgaria


Ruse, Business Park Ruse, 4 Borisova Blvd., bl. A, fl. 3

TERRA GLOBE perform processing on their own and rented land to produce wheat, corn, sunflower and koriandar. Agricultural services. Rent and processing of agricultural land. Sales of agricultural equipment.

Phone number: 088 9587594

Address: Sofia, Krasna Polyana bul. Vardar 24

Phone number: 0888 493 360

Address: Pazardzhik, Balgariya 65

Phone number: 0610 52242

Address: Pavlikeni, I.Zlatev 1

Phone number: 00

Address: Plovdiv, Stefan i Obreyko Obreykovi 11A

Phone number: 02 983 13 00

Address: Sofia, Stefan Stambolov 54, ZHenski pazar

Phone number: 082 821159

Address: Ruse, TSar Osvoboditel 44A

Phone number: 032 952071

Address: Plovdiv, Dimitar Stambolov 1A

Phone number: 0610 52135

Address: Pavlikeni, P.Venkov 11