Commercial Furniture and Equipment in Bulgaria

ADL Ltd.

Phone number: 029515134; 029526129

Sofia, 16 Dukatska planina Str.

ADL Ltd. is XEROX Premier Partner, and one of the first private companies contracted to supply and distribution of XEROX equipment. The organization is specialized in delivery and maintenance of Xerox products throughout the country.


Phone number: 059685551

Kableshkovo, 2 Cherno more 2

The only Bulgarian manufacturer of carbon-graphite brushes for electrical machines, brush holders, carbon structural products, silver contacts for LV equipment, copper and silver contact assemblies and units for rail, sea and river ports and others.

Phone number: 02 9832639

Address: Sofia, ul. Knyaz Boris I 151

Phone number: 032 990404

Address: Plovdiv, Buntovnishka 1

Phone number: 032 621934

Address: Plovdiv, ZHelezarska 7A

Phone number: 0878 866 588

Address: Sofia, Serdika bul. Slivnitsa 217

Phone number: 02 955 50 50

Address: Sofia, TSar Boris III 168

Phone number: 032 634914

Address: Plovdiv, 6 septemvri 227

Phone number: 042 600038

Address: Stara Zagora, Industrialen, kompleks Efir