Ceramics, Faience, Terracotta and Sanitary Ware Shops in Bulgaria


Phone number: 032632710; 032627539

Plovdiv, 7 Golyamokonarsko shose str.

A huge variety of all kinds of ceramic tiles, sanitary ware, household fittings, dry mixes, thermal and hydro insulation, bathroom accessories. We suggest you stock availability and excellent logistics base. Drawing up a draft according to customer.


Phone number: 0896249824

Sofia, 22 Rozhen Blvd.

Sirius Bulgaria Ltd was launched in 1998. Our business activity is trade of ceramic tiles, gres and bathroom furniture.The firm is official representative of bulgarian factory for ceramic tiles - KAI GROUP. In our stores you can find also ceramic

Phone number: 03563 2131

Address: Varvara, Pod stopanski dvor, do ZHP preleza

Phone number: 0886 800 860

Address: Sofia, Manastirski livadi iztok bl. 17

Phone number: 082 834856

Address: Ruse, ul. Nikolaevska 69

Phone number: 088 6180088

Address: Sofia, Simeonovsko shose 7 /krastovishteto s bul. G.M.Dimitrov/

Phone number: 0596 22025

Address: Pomorie, Svoboda bl. 28

Phone number: 02) 974 11 33

Address: Sofia, ul. Akademik Stefan Mladenov 76