E-commerce in Bulgaria


Phone number: 0898592951

Veliko Tarnovo, 15 Dragan TSonchev sTR.

The company offers all types of nuts - raw, baked, dried fruit all of industrial prices.We offer too crushed peanuts, crushed hazelnuts, peanut krokant, caramelized coconut for the confectionery industry in packs of 1 kg. up to 20kg.


Phone number: 029831473; 0885901490

Sofia, 54 G. S. Rakovski Str.


Plovdiv, Store, 79A Dunav Blvd.

Trading with special industrial greases and oils representative of Brugarolas Spain,IKV Tribologie and MMCC Microchem France,antifreeze,brake fluid of Tosol-Sintez Russia,coolant,ice and snow melting products from Zirax - icemelt and calcium chlorid


Phone number: 0888235071

Sofia, Hristo Smirnenski Nbh., bl. 49, ent. V, office 2

E-TRADE Center Megashop.BG - Internet Retail Company developed a new generation technology Megashop.BG Ltd. is a retail company (on-line mall) , registered in Bulgaria, trading in consumer goods. The overall process is done through the internet.