Lawns and Parks Services in Bulgaria


Phone number: 0896824478; 0896824480

Sofia, 1 Deliyska vodenitsa str.

Balcony and bedding plants, flowering pot plans. Deliveryes to retail shops allover the country. Arrangements ordered by retailers and companies.


Phone number: 0887681000

Stara Zagora, 77 Dimitar Naumov Str.

Landscape architecture, irrigation systems Hunter.

Phone number: 088 8317760

Address: Sofia, Sveta troitsa bl. 336A ent. V fl. 7 ap. 68

Phone number: 088 8867808

Address: Lyaskovets, Okolovrasnoto shose

Phone number: 089 6678589

Address: Varna, Lyuben Karavelov 57

Phone number: 0882 693515

Address: Sofia, Bistritsa ul. Borova gora 1

Phone number: 0518 42868

Address: Provadiya, YUzhna prom.zona

Phone number: 0618 25117

Address: Gorna Oryahovitsa, Vladaya 21