Office Supplies and Furniture in Bulgaria

ADL Ltd.

Phone number: 029515134; 029526129

Sofia, 16 Dukatska planina Str.

ADL Ltd. is XEROX Premier Partner, and one of the first private companies contracted to supply and distribution of XEROX equipment. The organization is specialized in delivery and maintenance of Xerox products throughout the country.

Phone number: 0700 10750

Address: Sofia, 7-mi 11-ti kilometar bul. TSarigradsko shose 139 fl. 4

Phone number: 032 622883

Address: Plovdiv, Kostadin Fotinov 2

Phone number: 02 9277102

Address: Sofia, Lyulin Dzh.Neru 28

Phone number: 062 600 675

Address: Veliko Tarnovo, ul. Mariya Gabrovska 2A

Phone number: 088 6289572

Address: Burgas, Slaveykov bl. 130

Phone number: 068 601614

Address: Lovech, Rayon Severna industrialna zona

Phone number: 032 649 532

Address: Plovdiv, Gen.D.Nikolaev 60