Welding and Soldering in Bulgaria


Sofia, 3A Dimitar Peshev Str.

Messer Bulgaria is the bulgarian subsidiary of the Messer Group - a leading company in the technical gases business. We offer wide range of gaseous and liquified gases like oxigen, nitrogen, argon, helium, carbon dioxide and various gas mixtures.


Phone number: 029208085

Sofia, 58 Osogovo Str.

Company M and C Auto Ltd. was founded 15 years ago. We work in the field of mechanical engineering - especially welding and welded spoyavane. We can to guarantee almost all metals and alloys, aluminum, iron, copper, brass, bronze, stainless, titan.

Phone number: 0519 92122

Address: Devnya, Prom.zona

Phone number: 088 8659845

Address: Dobrich, Opalchenets Dimitar Kovachev 59-A

Phone number: 066 801775

Address: Gabrovo, Stoletov 10

Phone number: 089 4323687

Address: Peshtera, ul. Geo Milev 34

Phone number: 064 882111

Address: Pleven, Grivishko shose 6

Phone number: 02 832 11 20

Address: Sofia, Voenna rampa bul. Ilientsi 12A

Phone number: 02 8713749

Address: Sofia, Dospat 23

Phone number: 052 699080

Address: Varna, ul. Sava Radulov bl. 10