Medical Technology, Equipment and Instruments Manufacturing and Wholesale in Bulgaria


Phone number: 029733855; 028707439

Sofia, Geo Milev ul. K.Lulchev 7

Import and distribution of medical devices ? gloves, masks, caps, gowns, spectacles, shoe covers, drapes, scalpels, blades, catheters, urinary bags, three-way stopcocks etc. Registrated ISO 9001:2008


Kazanlak, 104 Letishteto Nbh.

Established in 1990 and its basic subject of activity is production of medical equipment,equipment for ambulances. The company owns its own production facilities and highly qualified staff. The company is certified under ISO 9001:

Phone number: 02 952 65 35

Address: Sofia, Baba Iliytsa bl. 19 ent. B

Phone number: 02 4281672

Address: Sofia, Manastirski livadi - iztok bul. Balgariya 81B fl. 6

Phone number: 088 5589554

Address: Sofia, Mladost bl. 86 ap. 10

Phone number: 02 9580481

Address: Sofia, Beli brezi ul. Haydushka gora 59-61

Phone number: 0895 628 026

Address: Kardzhali, Bulair bl. YAvorov ent. 1 ap. 1