Taverns in Bulgaria


Phone number: 0888530695; 0885406595

Bansko, 2 Nikola Vaptsarov Sq.

Hotel and restaurant 'Momini Dvori' is located in the old town, right in the heart of the city. Bansko. We rooms are not inferior in any of the rooms of a 5 star hotel, even superior to the original design, while the prices are 4-5 times lower.

Phone number: 0882 352 006

Address: Sofia, Studentski Grad, Zimen Dvorets na Sporta

Phone number: 0889 743 554

Address: Valchi Dol, Hristo Botev 1

Phone number: 02 9895182

Address: Sofia, Hristo Belchev 16

Phone number: 094 606214

Address: Vidin, Bononiya bl. 12 ent. G

Phone number: 032 80 60 61

Address: Plovdiv, Trakiya, do bl.91

Phone number: 088 8347478

Address: Kovachevitsa,

Phone number: 02 9866971

Address: Sofia, 6-ti Septemrvi 41A