Publishing Houses in Bulgaria


Sofia, ul. Georgi Sofiyski 1

Mission: to provide information for educational, research and clinical practice. Activities: to supply, catalogue, process and deliver information; to perform thematic searches, users training, publishing, editorial and illustrating activities.


Phone number: 044625397

Sliven, ul. Nikola Karev 1

'Sava Dobroplodni' Regional library is the main library, cultural and scientific-information center in the Sliven region. It has a rich book fund of 350 000 library units. Organizer of the National Children's Book Festival.

Phone number: 02 9588455

Address: Sofia, P.YU.Todorov bl. 10 ent. E

Phone number: 02 9752013

Address: Sofia, TSarigradsko shose 113

Phone number: 089 7886954

Address: Sofia, ul. Damyan Gruev 20 fl. 4

Phone number: 02 808 18 40

Address: Sofia, Iskarski prolom 8

Phone number: 02 9896214

Address: Sofia, Graf Ignatiev 38A fl. 3

Phone number: 0888 35 83 95

Address: Sofia, TSarigradsko shose 117

Phone number: 042 602911

Address: Stara Zagora, Ruski 15