Engineering in Bulgaria


Phone number: 0878842802; 029853845

Sofia, 143-141 Slivnitsa Blvd., fl. 4

Engineering of HVAC and Electrical systems.Design research, preliminary, technical and executive design. Technical supervision. Delivery of equipment.Sales representative for Bulgaria of TRANE, Hygromatik, Baltimore, MITA


Sofia, Mladost 4, Biznes Park Sofiya 1, sgrada 7B

AL Bulgaria is a leading producer of industrial gases in Bulgaria since 1999. The company operates 3 production sites in Pirdop, Pernik and Targovishte, which produce Oxygen, Nitrogen and Argon. We offer gas mixtures for Welding and Food & Beverage.


Phone number: 0888953665; 0879061514

Burgas, 93 Hristo Botev Str., fl. 3

'Inzhproject 'LTD carries out activities in the field of design in all areas. The company provides advice on future projects and investment plans.

Phone number: 02 8164431

Address: Sofia, ul. Frederik ZHolio Kyuri 20

Phone number: 056 898 073

Address: Burgas, Ter.Lukoyl Neftohim Burgas

Phone number: 038 66 87 18

Address: Haskovo, Bolyarovo ul. Indzhe voyvoda bl. 2 ap. 2

Phone number: 032 623 665

Address: Plovdiv, Sankt Peterburg 1