Why Choose Golden Pages?

Golden Media OOD owns the Golden Pages ™ brand and product. We have been Bulgaria’s leading provider of business information for almost ten years. We are the preferred marketing partner for small and medium companies, and the most comprehensive, reliable, accessible and valuable source of business information in Bulgaria.

All of our products have been developed to make it easy for users to find product and service providers and for businesses to advertise and promote themselves, and we constantly review and improve them to meet the changing requirements of the market.

Our online directory www.goldenpages.bg launched in June 2007 and covers the whole country. From January 2011 Golden Pages has operated entirely online and our business is 100% digital! Companies can advertise in any of our 750 classifications and users can search our database of over 120,000 companies. Traffic is stable – over 300,000 users per month – thereby providing new customers for our advertisers and higher return on their advertising investment. Our database of companies is the most comprehensive and accurate in Bulgaria. Every day we check and update hundreds of records of companies, so you can be sure of finding real live companies

Record attendance

Every month more than 300,000 users in 'active demand' mode come to Golden Pages to find a company which they can rely on to purchase a product or service.

Single trusted partner of Google
Back in 2009 Google chose Golden Pages as their trusted source of business information for Bulgaria for the Google Maps service. Since then, each week we provide updated company information to Google for inclusion in their search engine. In January 2015 we were very proud to sign a new, extended contract with Google, demonstrating their trust in Golden Pages and the value they place on our partnership. Golden Pages will continue to supply regular data updates to Google so that users and businesses in Bulgaria may benefit.

Single partner for Bulgaria of many international companies
Many foreign companies have chosen to work with Golden Pages including Greek Search xo.gr, Romanian Search paginiaurii.ro, Serbian Search yellowpages.rs, Macedonian Search zk.mk, European Search europages.com, Balkan search products marketkonekt.com, Danish company websites Monosolutions, etc. All of these partners give Bulgarian businesses even more opportunities for promotion.

Good indexation
We continually optimize Golden Pages for search engines (SEO) so that advertisers on our website usually appear in higher positions in search engine results compared to companies that do not advertise.

Advertising at the appropriate time
Our products reach consumers across Bulgaria 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Consumers use Golden Pages at a time when they are ready to make a purchase

Durable and effective investment
Advertising in Golden Pages has a much longer life than most other media and can be updated daily

Preferred source of information from users
Free search, ease of use, accuracy and reliability of the information.