Motels in Bulgaria


Phone number: 0888003831; 0896707808

Blagoevgrad, ul. Osvobozhdenie 6

Complex Havana - Blagoevgrad The hotel part of the complex has 18 beds in double rooms and bedrooms. Trees and greenery, which are around the hotel make it a nice place for rest and recreation, business stay in town.

Phone number: 032 624806

Address: Plovdiv, bul. Hristo Botev

Phone number: 052 602 956

Address: Varna, bul. Devnya

Phone number: 02 925 02 10

Address: Sofia, Moderno predgradie bul. Okolovrasten pat

Phone number: 038 662191

Address: Preslavets, patya mezhdu Harmanli i Simeonovgrad

Phone number: 03134 6161

Address: Anevo,

Phone number: 0953 88672

Address: Berkovitsa, Aleksandrovska 77


Phone number: 088 7719988

Address: Harmanli, Po patya Harmanli-Svilengrad

Phone number: 09314 2868

Address: Dunavtsi, Georgi Dimitrov 1A