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Phone number: 032585801

Plovdiv, 4 Podofficer Georgi Kotov Str.

Space modeling in general and interior design. We possess the knowledge and experience necessary to turn any home, establishment, bar, restaurant, club, office, public or private space, in a place that my clients can identify themselves with!


Phone number: 0875232807

Burgas, Slaveykov bl. 159 fl. 1

Interior Design Center VERTIKALI is based on competent interconnection between designers, importers, producers and executors. We give an aesthetic and functional meaning to the space and reach a high level of performance and quality of materials.


Phone number: 087 8148730; 087 8914815

Varna, ul. Georgi Benkovski 3, magazin za perdeta

'LeNoBg' offers exceptional variety of high quality nets, curtains, damask, blinds and rods at preferable prices. Unique models, Roman Blind, Glide Panels or Strings just decide and decorate your home with our exclusive solutions for a stunning view.

Design House Ego

Phone number: 088 8916861; 088 8777854

Plovdiv, Kapitan Raycho 56

Our activities over the years makes us experts in everything related to the construction of external and internal advertising - design and construction of exhibition stands, television studios, stages, organizing various events, 3D visualization.

Phone number: 02 8317110

Address: Sofia, TSar Simeon 120

Phone number: 02 9860261

Address: Sofia, U.Gladston 32

Phone number: 02 9313318

Address: Sofia, TSar Samuil 124 ent. A

Phone number: 02 920 85 60

Address: Sofia, Zona B-19 ul. Pernik 19 bl. 11-12 ent. A

Phone number: 087 8247669

Address: Plovdiv, Gen. Danail Nikolaev 5

Phone number: 088 6701822

Address: Burgas, TSar Simeon I 56