Interior Design

If you are a customer facing decoration or repairing of a bathroom or bathrooms the options are to choose for different stages different providers: bath equipment shop or shops, transport, skilled workers to do fitting and installation or to choose a provider, which offers the full range of these services. Some chains for bathroom equipment and furniture can offer you full equipment, delivery and installation of products.

Design and Computer Visualization
You can start with considering different bathroom design conceptions and to use computer visualization of the chosen products. This service will help you to decide not only if the colours and materials are a good match, but more importantly – if the sizes of chosen equipment will fit to the premise. The price of the service is reasonable (about 60 BGN) and some stores offer discount for the service according to purchased equipment, and computer visualization may cost only 30 BGN.

Transport and delivery services are important facilitation. Some stores provide shower equipment, sinks, mirrors, ceramic tiles and faiences, tubes, and even saunas.  Price for the transport is usually fixed for towns and can vary for different zones in the cities or can be negotiated for longer distances.

Installation and fitting are also extremely useful and in some cases certified installation of products is the only way to keep its guarantee and warranty period. Some stores provide fitters, who install purchased products and in only this condition give guarantees for exploitation.

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