Management and Business Consulting

Management consulting is the practice of helping businesses improve their performance by providing experience, advice and skills to businesses usually for a specific project over a fixed time period. Management consultants provide the specialist skills that many companies only require very occasionally and so do not have as a full-time resource.

For example, a company requiring to implement a new IT system may use a management consultant for advice, planning and implementation to ensure that the project runs on time and budget. Once the new system is operational the company no longer requires the specialist skills provided by the management consultant. In this way the company is able to utilize additional resources on a short-term basis to realize a specific project.

Management consultants offer a wide range of skills and services including change management, business process re-engineering, marketing, IT systems implementation, strategy, and acquisition and mergers advice. Many companies provide consultancy services ranging from the large, multi-national companies offering a wide range of skills and knowledge to the small, local companies specializing in a specific area.

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