Certification and Registration Services in Bulgaria

Center for Testing and European Certification

Phone number: 042602377

Stara Zagora, 2 Industrialna Str., fl. 4

Center for Testing and European Certification Ltd offers services in the field of testing and certification of technical products, management systems certification, technical supervision, control, energy efficiency audits and training.


Phone number: 032625888; 032625818

Plovdiv, bul. Knyaginya Mariya Luiza 47 fl. 2 ap. A1

Balkan Biocert Ltd. offers control and certification of producers, processors and traders of organic agricultural products and foodstuffs according to the national and European legislation on organic agriculture.

Phone number: 062 588 936

Address: Veliko Tarnovo, ul. Kaloyan 4 B

Phone number: 02 958 01 60

Address: Sofia, Balgariya 49 bl. 3