Plastic Surgery

Reconstructive and aesthetic plastic surgery
Reconstructive surgery is usually applied after seriously damaging accidents or operations. Aesthetic surgery is applied to enhance the appearance according to Customer’s vision who aims to reach his ideal of harmoniously built figure - breast augmentation, reduction or lifting; otoplasty, rhinoplasty, facelift, liposuction and many others. Perhaps you would be surprised to know that cosmetic surgery procedures are also undertaken by men, as well as women.

Alternatives to the Aesthetic surgery
There are a few herbal formulas available on the market, which promise a successful breast enlargement just after few months of treatment. Science-based or publicly acknowledged discovery of such a revolutionary product though is not yet known. Botox is currently the most widely used dermatological cosmetic product in the world. It is injected in order to correct deep mimic wrinkles of people up to 65 years old. The application is very simple – it takes 10 to 15 minutes. The toxin is promptly injected into the desired spot and the use of anesthetics is not required. Its effect lasts for about 4-6 months which requires regular repetition of the procedure.

The plastic surgery subject is closely bound up in the plot of the American series Nip-Tuck. It has one of the highest ratings on the American cable television and had received a Golden Globe award for best television series. It reveals the lives of two plastic surgeons and different cases from their professional practice. The series are on air since 2005 in Bulgaria and have proved to be very popular.

The Bulgarian association of plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery was created in 2000. It unites prominent specialists of plastic surgery from all over the country. A primary goal is the aspiration for observing the rules of good Medicare against the interests of the patients. It strives to give its patients complete and unabridged information regarding the nature, effect, complications, dangers and aesthetic operations.

Furthermore it assists the coordination of the activities of the plastic surgeons in Bulgaria in close relationship with the Bulgarian scientific association of plastic surgery and cauterization.

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