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VIP Security is the only Bulgarian company that provides national coverage of the full range of security services: security and cash services, monitoring and control, electronic security systems, consulting, training.

VIP Security is one of the most dynamic and rapidly developing companies in the security industry in Bulgaria. Outside the country, the company operates successfully in Europe and in the USA.

Since its establishment in 1999, the company has continually invested in the development of a broad product range and also, importantly, in the professional skills of its personnel. This has given us a competitive edge and a possibility to deliver to our clients services of the highest standard tailored to meet their specific needs and requirements. 

VIP Security employs professionals trained in accordance with the standards of the International Bodyguard Association. The company is the exclusive representative of the organisation for Bulgaria.
Our activities cover the entire spectrum of security services:
  • Security Services - The range of protection services of our company are provided by professionals who have been specially trained to respond adequately in any situation. The company has earned the reputation of a reliable, trustworthy and professional partner. Our staff works under 24-hour supervision aimed at ensuring that we perform up to the highest standard.
  • Cash Management Services - A leader in cash management services, VIP Services continues to improve the quality of its work in accordance with the requirements of the sector and global development trends in cash security. Our main objective is to ensure optimal services to banks and retail clients through a network of cash collection centers and setting up transport and logistical systems, mostly in the areas of management, processing and counting of banknotes and cash flows. These services are provided in strict compliance with the requirements of the Bulgarian National Bank. At present we have built several cash management centers, which are fully operational and are conveniently situated at different locations throughout the country.
  • Monitoring and Control - No security company would be able to maintain a high standard of professional service, unless it is able to control its sites and the staff to whom the security of those sites has been entrusted by an adequate surveillance system. VIP Security has built and operates an efficient system for monitoring and control, which ensures an adequate and timely response in any situation.
  • Electronic Security Systems - ESS is one of the sectors of the security industry that offers the highest potential for development and growth. VIP Security continues to develop its experience in the application and optimal use of ESS because it believes they hold the key to the future of the security industry. Some of the major advantages of ESS are set out below: reducing the costs for the deployment of live guards; possibility to monitor development at all times; a one-off investment, low maintenance costs during operation; prevention of serious damage to property and environmental protection; reducing the cost of property insurance.
  • Security Consulting Services - Peace of mind and a sense of security are vital to ensuring our clients enjoy professional services of the highest order. We provide consultancy services that cover all aspects of protection and security, including site security, physical protection, access control, CCTV and security devices, which complement the individual security systems designed to meet the requirements of each client. Our consultancy services are provided by experts on a strictly confidential basis. Our experience demonstrates that our success in delivering services to corporate clients is strongly supported by a host of techniques and skills and an ability to customize the package of services we provide to clients.
  • Training and Qualification - The staff recruitment procedures of VIP Security have been developed in accordance with the requirements for staff selection of the National Police Service and are handled by a team of personnel recruitment experts, including a psychologist. The procedures are also fully compliant with the applicable EU standards. All members of staff undergo specialised training that equip them with the necessary skills to handle a vast range of specific situations depending on the type of the security service provided and the nature of sites under protection. Yet another guarantee for the high quality of our services is that all staff is subject to adapted forms of round-the-clock surveillance on the job. VIP Security offers its clients some of the best available practices, complemented by the efforts of the company to continually improve the skills and knowledge of its staff.

We believe that there is only one possible strategy: Every single day our quality, services and company to be better than yesterday, and to do more than our best, so that tomorrow we are much better than today.



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