Salvis Pharma Ltd provides high-quality services in the area of marketing, import and distribution of pharmaceutical products, medical devices, etc. on the territory of Bulgaria. It has import and wholesaling licences and is ISO 9001:2008 certfied.

Salvis Pharma Ltd. is a Bulgarian company offering high-quality services in the area of marketing, import and distribution of medicinal products, medical devices and food supplements. With its superior local expertise, in-depth industry knowledge, and commitment to ethical business practices Salvis Pharma Ltd. has established itself as a reliable long-term local partner of leading international pharmaceutical companies such as Novartis Consumer Health Switzerland, Novartis Pharma Services AG Basel, and Sanofi Aventis Group..

Salvis Pharma Ltd. maintains all the necessary permits and licenses for import, storage and distribution of pharmaceutical products, medical devices and food supplements within Bulgaria. It owns and operates a bonded warehouse and is in possession of the required import license, wholesale license for medicinal products and medical devices and certification for storage of foods. Salvis Pharma strictly adheres to the GDP and GMP principles in conducting its business and has adopted a Quality Management System certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2008 standard.

We provide our partners and clients with an array of services based on their individual needs ranging from full representation on a turnkey basis to focused support in the following areas:

• A-Z Marketing – market evaluation, segmentation, strategic planning and budgeting, portfolio and brand management
• Regulatory affairs
o Marketing authorization application and variations
o Price registration
o Pharmacovigillance – local system establishment and maintenance
• Import of medicinal products, medical devices, cosmetic products and food supplements.
• Storage - we dispose with a warehouse on 2000 sq.m. offering special temperature storage conditions
• Distribution of pharmaceutical products, medical devices, cosmetics and food supplements in pharmacy channel
• Sales management of the whole distribution channel
• Medical and trade representative teams trained and specialized in communication with doctors (GPs and specialists) and retailers (pharmacies). 

The Salvis Pharma team of motivated professionals thoroughly understands our clients’ needs and delivers performance in line with the best international practice.

We strive to maintain our excellent reputation of being the local reliable partner and service provider in Bulgaria to leading multinational pharmaceutical companies in marketing and trade representation, regulatory affairs, consultancy and import of pharmaceuticals. We achieve that goal through our commitment to continuous improvement of the Quality Management System and our efficient marketing organization constantly keeping the track of the market.


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д-р П. Михайлова 05 Aug 2015 09:44

Амбициозна фирма. Качествен доставчик , на когото може да се разчита. Получаваш и своевременна консултация за промените в лекарствената регулация.Качествени лекарствени продукти и кореткност, това е от особена важност.

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