Right Rental is a company that provides rental tents and catering equipment for private, corporate and sports events. We are an established Bulgarian market leader in event management logistics and construction of multipurpose facilities/tents.

Right Rental Special Events Services is a company that provides rental tents and catering equipment for all types of events. We are an established Bulgarian market leader in event management logistics and construction of multipurpose facilities. Right Rental serves different kind of events such as projects of social importance, campaigns, sports and cultural events, weddings, exhibitions, concerts, private and corporate parties.


No event is too big or small, too far or too unusual for Right Rental. Whether we serve intimate cocktail party or large Awards dinner, special occasions for small corporations or world brands, every event is uniquely tailored to our clients. Right Rental’s impressive list of loyal customers and portfolio of some of the most memorable events are proof of our professionalism, attention to detail and intuition.


Our non-compromising, customer-oriented policy makes Right Rental the leading company in its segment. We have become partners to leading agencies, catering and restaurant businesses, local and multinational companies.


Right Rental has national and regional coverage, delivering both equipment and event services to neighboring countries – Greece, Romania, Serbia. Its operations are conducted by experienced event planning, sales, logistics, delivery and set-up teams. All European standards and safety regulations are introduced.


Our modern warehousing facilities based in Sofia store over 5000 chairs, 600 tables, about 3000 pieces of tablecloth and linens, tens of thousands of items of cutlery, glassware and dishware.


Various types of events are served by Right Rental, such as major social projects, campaigns, sports events, exhibitions, concerts, private and corporate parties where our company’s full potential is best revealed in providing everything from the tent and staging structures to the latest designs in event furniture and catering equipment.


An innovation to the local market are the latest designs in tent structures, introduced by Right Rental in partnership with the leading technology producer Veldeman Structure Solutions, Belgium. Now expanded to over 7000 square meters of tents, equipped with all accessories as flooring structures, air-co and heating systems, various roof and side-panel patterns, interior lining designs, light and sound solutions, tent rental has become the top product.

Right Rental presents Mastertent - small tents for sport events, fairs, private needs, restoaurants, for indoor and in the open air. They deliver high quality, easy installation and innovative design. It also provides many ways for advertising, so they are like a billboard of every event. They are offered in some different colours of the tents and of the frames. 


Ou purpose is All in one place, so we rental furniture and decor for events. Our design lighting bars and bar tables create miracles at every place and Chiavari chairs are elegant and romantic. The new thing for Bulgarian market is Blofield furniture - extreamly comfortable and practic, it delivers style for every event.

All items of tents, furniture and decor we offer, you can find on our website www.rightrental.net.


Our professional team with over 10 years of experience is ready to meet your challenging event!


Website: www.rightrental.net
Tel: 0700 13 700
E-mail: [email protected]



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