The term ‘catering’ is usually used to describe all the services related to the preparation, delivery and serving of food for family celebrations, birthday parties, weddings, business events, graduation balls, christenings, matinees, soirees, or other events.

What should we have in mind when we choose a catering company?
It is good to contact more than one catering company in order to be able to compare their offers. Before you call, think about the following (and if you want make a list which you can use when calling the catering companies):
- where will the party/event be held – indoors or outdoors? Is there anything specific about the location?
- what is the number of guests, their age, any specific requirements, etc.?
- what time of the day will the event be held at – this might determine the type of menu, so you can order the most suitable for your guests regardless of whether you’re organizing a business breakfast, evening cocktail party, wedding lunch or a children’s birthday party.
- is the food going to be the main focus of the event or will it just ‘fit’ in between the other activities (dance, music, presentations, games, etc. depending on the event)
- do your guests have any specific food requirements – dietary, related to food allergies, religious or others
- the catering budget – decide what it is and stick to it!
Once you have your list of requirements, contact at least three catering companies from the list of companies on Golden Pages or any other sources. It might be a good idea to ask them how long they have been trading for, what type and who are their main clients, what are their strengths. Depending on the scale and importance of the event you might want to organize individual meetings with and menu tasting with each company. This will help you to make a decision on whether you will offer a cold or hot buffet, a la carte menu, an entertainment programme, whether you will require additional equipment or decoration, etc. The company you choose should be able to advise you on your choice of drinks, lighting, decorations and everything else related to the organizing of the event.

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