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British Cultural Centre provides high quality English language tuition and preparation for the Pearson,Cambridge ESOL,IELTS and TOEFL exams.Our priorities are 'early foreign language acquisition' and 'culture teaching' in language classes.

British Cultural Centre was set up 13 years ago with the ambition to provide high quality English language acqusition and introduce "culture teaching in language classes" in the town of Burgas. Another priority is "early foreign language acqusition". We have experience in working with children as young as the age of four. For over a decade our school has been teaching all the possible Primary, Secondary and Young-Adult classes within a school year of 8(or 9) months. We are proud of the great success of our "Summer School" programme which accelerates the development of our students. Our team of highly-qualified teachers has a deep understanding of the Common European Framework and its 6 levels of linguistic competence. We have been preparing successful candidates for all the existing exam levels. Since February 2009 we have been a Pearson Exam Centre for the Burgas region and have already organised 4 exam sessions with an impressive number of candidates. Our students pass the exams with remarkable confidence and they are outstanding at the "Speaking" part of the exams. Our annual programme, the leading methodology and the native speakers working with us contribute to all these achievements, as well as the inspiring course books of Pearson Longman.
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