Geodesy and Cartography in Sofia


Sofia, Lozenets, 9 Ravnets Str.

Investment planning and design, Urban and town planning, Cadastre, GIS, Applied geodesy, Deformations monitoring, GPS, 3D Laser scanning, Technical infrastructure, Consulting, Land and property valuation, Project management, Investor?s supervision


Phone number: 028558100; 0878507844

Sofia, 85 Gen.Alexander Suvorov Blvd.

GEOBUL Ltd. offers high quality and complex surveying services. The company was established in March 2004 and over time it has become one of the leading surveying companies on the Bulgarian market. The company has professional geodetic equipment.


Phone number: 087 8807112

Sofia, ul. Krivolak 17

Cadastre. Regulatory activities. Vertical planning. Reserches. Deformations.

Phone number: 0878268612

Address: Sofia, 61 Kaymakchalan Str.

Phone number: 029625522

Address: Sofia, Krum Kyulyavkov, bl. 64, ent. A

Phone number: 0886818507

Address: Sofia, Druzhba 1, bl. 162

Phone number: 0887712759

Address: Sofia, 1 Hristo Smirnenski Blvd., office 536