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Investment planning and design, Urban and town planning, Cadastre, GIS, Applied geodesy, Deformations monitoring, GPS, 3D Laser scanning, Technical infrastructure, Consulting, Land and property valuation, Project management, Investor?s supervision

GEOTOTAL Ltd. is a private sector company, registered in 1990 at Sofia, Bulgaria.

ACTIVITY: Comprehensive investment planning and design, Urban and town planning, 3D Laser Scanning; Research and Design in the field of Geodesy (topography), Photogrammetry, and Cadastre; GIS, Applied geodesy, Geology and Hydrogeology; Railway and Road engineering; Research and Development; Specialised topographic tasks, Structure and construction deformations monitoring, GPS measurements and processing; On-ground and underground infrastructures, Consulting, Land and property valuation, Project management, Investor’s/ Client’s supervision.

STAFF: The company team (one doctor - PhD, geodesists, land surveyors, architect etc.) are professionals in the area of scientific research and technologies, and have extensive practical experience. They were assigned for the completion of projects under contracts with leading organization (Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, University of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy, Scientific and Research Institute of Geodesy and Photogrammetry, Metroproject, Energoproject, etc) as experts for solving major scientific and practical tasks.

While completing inter-discipline projects GEOTOTAL has assigned leading specialists and scientists for the relevant fields.

EQUIPMENT: GEOTOTAL has its own technical equipment, production of leading companies - GPS, precise Total stations, Digital levels, computer and office equipment. All processes related to surveying, processing and final data output is fully automatised.

INNOVATION: GEOTOTAL is only one in Bulgaria who has Laser Scanning System ScanStation C10, production of Leica-Geosystems, Switzerland, applies advanced laser scanning technology and is the founder of the Center for Laser Scanning in Bulgaria.

LICENCES AND CERTIFICATES: GEOTOTAL is licensed to perform design activities under the Bulgarian Spatial Development Act, Chambers of Architects and Engineers in Development-Project Design Act, Cadastre and Property Register and has all necessary insurances.
GEOTOTAL is registered under ISO 9001:2008 in accordance with the TUEV CERT auditing and certification procedures. Registration No 75-100-40620.



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