Diet Foods and Nutritional Supplements Manufacturing, Wholesale and Retail in Bulgaria


Phone number: 089 8515025; 088 8218079

Plovdiv, ul. Brezovsko shose 180

Doraleks Ltd is a wholesale trade company which offer rich variety of traditional Bulgarian spices and seasonings in different packages, many preserves, healthy food, tee, pasta, household goods, energy saving lamps and other quality products.

SMILO - Agency for quality and safety of goods

Phone number: 02 9461254; 088 8543141

Sofia, YAvorov bl. 23 ent. 1 ap. 3

Agency SMILO is a leading company in the field of foodmedicines, food supplements and cosmetics. Agency SMILO launched food supplement MAOLO used when. We need to have chemotherapy and radiotherapy.


Phone number: 0879585458; 082581592

Ruse, bul. Tsar Osvoboditel 137 ent. A

Production and trade of certified organic raw materials such as: honey , floral waters and essential oils International trade with cosmetic products and perfumery.


Phone number: 062 670165; 089 8592951

Veliko Tarnovo, ul. Dragan TSonchev 15

The company offers all types of nuts - raw, baked, dried fruit all of industrial prices.We offer too crushed peanuts, crushed hazelnuts, peanut krokant, caramelized coconut for the confectionery industry in packs of 1 kg. up to 20kg.