Diet Foods and Nutritional Supplements Manufacturing, Wholesale and Retail in Bulgaria


Phone number: 0898592951

Veliko Tarnovo, 15 Dragan TSonchev sTR.

The company offers all types of nuts - raw, baked, dried fruit all of industrial prices.We offer too crushed peanuts, crushed hazelnuts, peanut krokant, caramelized coconut for the confectionery industry in packs of 1 kg. up to 20kg.

SMILO - Agency for quality and safety of goods

Phone number: 029461254; 0888543141

Sofia, Yavorov Nbh., bl. 23, ent. 1, ap. 3

Agency SMILO is a leading company in the field of foodmedicines, food supplements and cosmetics. Agency SMILO launched food supplement MAOLO used when. We need to have chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

Phone number: 088 8811210

Address: Sofia, Oborishte ul. Iskar 16

Phone number: 02 437 23 16

Address: Sofia, Suhodol ul. Prohladen kat 10

Phone number: 0889 414 111

Address: Sofia, h-l Diana 1 fl. 9 ap. 93

Phone number: 089 8615159

Address: Parvomay, Ivan Asen II 6