Business Centres

Business centres are buildings which unite the offices of a single or many companies. Usually the offices are rented but sometimes even sold to these companies. If it is a rental, its maintenance is usually taken care of by the lessor of the workplace, which is a significantly useful therefore attractive service for the lessee.

The advantages of renting an office in a business centre to one in a residential building are many: the space is provided in shape to move in; one can agree with the lessor to reshape the working space according to one’s needs; provided cable network, internet access, electro installations, heating and air conditioning systems; security guard or system. Adapting a flat in a residential building to an office can give you some headache with the neighbours who are mostly complaining about high traffic of people in and out or making noise during the rest hours of the day.

The highest concentration of office buildings in Sofia is Business Park Sofia, located in Mladost 4 district. It unites 35 buildings, used for different purposes – offices, warehouses, etc. There are also stores, cinema, hotel, restaurants. The park attracts not only business men and women but also mothers with their children from the nearby neighbourhood with its well kept green areas, flowers, benches, fountains, lake.