Animal Feeds and Fodder Production and Wholesale in Bulgaria


Sofia, Mladost 4, Bussines park Sofia, Building 1A, fl. 1

Subject of trade: Trade in seeds. Articles offered: Hybrid Corn Seeds, Hybrid Sunflower Seeds, Winter Oil Seeds Rape, Alfalfa varieties,Silage inoculants.

ISAV - 1

Phone number: 034442522

Pazardzhik, 15 Milyo Voyvoda Str.

Designing and assembly of 'turn-key' installations: Feed mills; Flour mills; Rice mills; Pellet lines; Pneumatic transport and Aspiration installations; Silos; Electric and Automation systems etc. Fully automated plants, controlled by a computer syst

Phone number: 04749 360

Address: Ruzhitsa, Vasil Levski