Animal Food, Supplements and Accessories Manufacturing and Wholesale

You can find them in special shops or big supermarkets as well as in any well-stocked food store. Like in any kind of food ingredients are essential for a balanced nutrition of pet animals. Content of macro and microelements and vitamins is described on the labels of food packing.
Chemical Nutrition elements are not necessarily added to every granulous food. Some famous for quality brands do not use synthetic elements and supplements to colour or flavour the food.

It’s well known that good food for pets is balanced food, rich of proteins, with balanced content of 3 and 6 Omega fat acids, fibers for easy assimilation of food and complex of vitamins. Leading producers recommend customers to observe level of ash in food content, which is not compulsory to be described on the label of the product, although it is one of the important indicators for food assimilation. Main part of bone flour is indigestible and cannot be useful as nutrition ingredient.

Accessories - necessary products or prodigality
Accessories for pets vary extremely: cages, leashes, combs, toilets, beds and houses or baskets, toys, cosmetics, anti parasitic devices, transport bags, swings and wheels, aquariums, hammocks, tunnels for rodents, door exits for cats and dogs and many others. You can find most of them under one roof at well-supplied special stores.
Do you need them or not is a matter of customer’s choice. If you have made a purchase decision, check products characteristics. For instance can the chosen toy be chewed; does antiparasitic device have a license; what is the guarantee period of the new transport bag or cage as well as what are the conditions to return the purchased product. 
You can find pets’ accessories at pets’ shops and at big supermarkets. To become an owner of a happy pet, at first place you need to be a satisfied customer.

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