Welding and Soldering in Bulgaria


Phone number: 029208085

Sofia, 58 Osogovo Str.

Company M and C Auto Ltd. was founded 15 years ago. We work in the field of mechanical engineering - especially welding and welded spoyavane. We can to guarantee almost all metals and alloys, aluminum, iron, copper, brass, bronze, stainless, titan.


Sofia, 3A Dimitar Peshev Str.

Messer Bulgaria is the bulgarian subsidiary of the Messer Group - a leading company in the technical gases business. We offer wide range of gaseous and liquified gases like oxigen, nitrogen, argon, helium, carbon dioxide and various gas mixtures.

Phone number: 088 7824010

Address: Stara Zagora, TSar Simeon Veliki 15

Phone number: 042 646888

Address: Stara Zagora, ul. Pruzhinna 3

Phone number: 02 9753083

Address: Sofia, Darvenitsa bul. Andrey Lyapchev 4

Phone number: 0519 92122

Address: Devnya, Prom.zona


Phone number: 056 898012

Address: Burgas, na teritoriyata na Lukoyl Neftohim Burgas, pk.56

Phone number: 056 800261

Address: Burgas, TSar Kolyan 12

Phone number: 02 9202006

Address: Sofia, Serdika, ul.Arh.Petko Momchilov 4

Phone number: 02 9310913

Address: Sofia, Iliyantsi 14,sgradata na Stroitelna mehanizatsiya