Windscreen Replacement & Repairs

The right maintenance and timely repairs or replacement of car windscreens and windows are very important for the safety of all passengers in the vehicle. Many people don't think about changing or repairing the windscreens unless the damage is very big, however carelessness can lead to more serious problems. 

If you want you and your passsengers in the car to feel safe, it is good to keep the following in mind:
-    If you notice any damage such as a crack or a scratch, it is best to contact an authorised windscreen replacement and repair specialist.
-    Even the slightest dent of the windscreen can lead to more serious damage and the need to replace the whole windscreen if not repaired on time
-    It is very important to keep an eye for damages on the front windscreen as it contributes greatly to the safety of all passengers. In case of a traffic accident the damaged or incorrectly installed windscreen can prove fatal.
-    Apart from endangering all passengers in the case of a traffic accident, a cracked or broken front windscreen can also decrease the visibility and thus become the reason for a serious accident.

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