Water Supply and Sewerage in Sofia


Phone number: 088 8575438

Sofia, ul. Velcho Atanasov 5

Construction and repair of plumbing and ventilation installations of PE, PP and PVC pipes.Replacement of pipes.Replacement ans sealing of water meters.Equipment of bathrooms and toilets.Installation and replacement radiators.Making holes in concrete.


Phone number: 029621256

Sofia, Krastova Vada Nbh., 2 Ararat Str.

Distributor with exclusive rights for selling plumbing, heating and HVAC instalations of the marks: HENCO - Belgium - PEX-pipes and fittings producer, FERROLI - Italy - boilers, burners and radiators.


Phone number: 028122430

Sofia, 2А building, Business park Sofia, Mladost 4 nbh.

Sofiyska Voda JSC offers: Delivery, installation and sealing of individual water meters. Installation of water meters with remote control. Testing water meters. Pipe tracing and leak detection. Sewerage services. Analyzes of water and waste water.

Phone number: 0888 334 511

Address: Sofia, Zona B-5, bl.3, parter

Phone number: 02 983 50 53

Address: Sofia, Dunav 41

Phone number: 088 8317505

Address: Sofia, Hipodruma ul.YUnak bl. 128

Phone number: 02 827 60 59

Address: Sofia, Lyulin 10