Hat Shops in Bulgaria


Phone number: 028526620

Sofia, 44 Vladayska Str.

Designer's collection of official hats, bridal head decorations and everyday felt and knitted hats. Collection of unique hats for special ocasions, head decorations and bridal hats, collection of original everyday hats.

Phone number: 096 301019

Address: Montana, N.Y.Vaptsarov 10

Phone number: 02 8526620

Address: Sofia, Vladayska 44 fl. 1

Phone number: 02 9807792

Address: Sofia, Pirotska 31

Phone number: 0888844293

Address: Burgas, Aleksandar Veliki 25

Phone number: 066 800226

Address: Gabrovo, Vanche Mihaylov 25

Phone number: 02 8258979

Address: Sofia, ul. Pirotska 9, parter, malak TSUM