Road Construction in Bulgaria


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Sofia, ul. Lyuba Velichkova 24



Sliven, ul. Ladjenska 1-А



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Veliko Tarnovo, Veliki Preslav 6


Roads Company Ltd. is headquartered Veliko Tarnovo and core business - construction and repair of roads and construction of urban communications and infrastructures. Our mission is to build a quality road infrastructure.


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Sofia, ul. Samokovsko shose 10, ent. Д



Razgrad, ul. Knyaz Boris 120



Germany, Alfeld, Am Frohberg 3


Site trailers, portacabins for building sites, office trailers


Switzerland, Netstal, Oberlanggueetli


Since 1900, the 'Elggis' has been a precious extraction site for limestone. Having evolved from a modest beginning, KFN developed to be the biggest, and finally the only producer of burnt lime in Switzerland.


Germany, Bispingen, Vor der Ziegelei 13


Production, sales, placing and repair of all kinds of road building machines; storage and sales of spare parts, as well as technical consulting.


phone: 073861200; 073861655

Belo Pole, Proizvodstvena baza - Agromah EOOD


Agromah is engaged in infrastructural construction. The main activities are production of asphalt and concrete mixtures, vibropressed elements(paving blocks), extraction of inert materials, earth excavation


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Sofia, ul. Kremikovsko shose 15



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address: Gorna Oryahovitsa, Ilarion Makariopolski 11


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