Pumps and Compressors Manufacturing and Wholesale in Bulgaria

RST ltd

Phone number: 024830110; 0886198065

Sofia, 39 Zemedelska Str.

RST Ltd. - import and service of compressed air and vacuum equipment in all industries. Representative of: BECKER - vacuum pumps/blower, GD DRUM - silo compressors and pumps, RENNER - screw compressors, PEDRO GIL - 'roots' pumps and blowers


Phone number: 0888997309

Varna, 2 Byala Mura Str.

Import and sale of pumps and pump equipment. Official distributor of SAER Elettropompe - Italy. Repair of pumps, booster systems and electric motors. Installation of pumps and booster units. Delivery of waste water treatment plants, softeners, filter

Phone number: 02 938 11 20

Address: Sofia, Nadezhda 3 bl. 307 ent. G

Phone number: 02 9715672

Address: Sofia, Temenuga 2A

Phone number: 088 5609561

Address: Sofia, Mladost 3 bl. 340 ent. B fl. 2 ap. 9

Phone number: 042 258085

Address: Stara Zagora, bul. Hristo Botev 139

Phone number: 052 694 594

Address: Varna, bul. Vladislav Varnenchik 312 ap. of. 3