Heating, Ventilation and Air-conditioning Equipment Shops in Bulgaria


Veliko Tarnovo, Magistralna 10

Company Geosonda 90 LTD is official distributor of Hormann - Germany, leader in manufactor of doors for home and industry. The name Hormann is synonymous of Quality and Reability, Security for You, Your family and Your company


Phone number: 0885555997

Sofia, 59 Atanas Uzunov str.

Heatings, air conditiong, water supply systems. We create air conditioning with high class products. Daikin, Mitsubishi, Viessmann, Immergas, JAGA. We design your heating or cooling system as part of your interior in consistense with your personality


Phone number: 029621256

Sofia, Krastova Vada Nbh., 2 Ararat Str.

Distributor with exclusive rights for selling plumbing, heating and HVAC instalations of the marks: HENCO - Belgium - PEX-pipes and fittings producer, FERROLI - Italy - boilers, burners and radiators.

Phone number: 034 446 003

Address: Pazardzhik, Knyaginya Mariya-Luiza 46

Phone number: 0896 758515

Address: Silistra, Makedoniya 3