Office Equipment

If your office is among the average contemporary offices, among your office equipment entourage one could probably find computers, printer, telephone, fax machine, copy machine, scanner, paper shredder, multimedia. The office equipment is provided and maintained by the employer, but it is the employees’ obligation to attend to it with greatest care. Among the office equipment of the IT department though, there could be found hardware which functions will remain unrevealed for the mortals forever: telephone exchange, servers, routers, UPSs, video surveillance.

To move into an office which maintenance is taken care of by the landlord has numerous advantages. One of them is that the office equipment is part of the office rent and in most cases you won’t need to invest more into additional equipment. This includes the IT, telecommunications, air conditioning system, security system and the furniture. If you need anything in addition though, you could submit your requirements to the landlord who will take care of providing the necessary add-ons.

If you are an employer and purchasing office equipment is a task awaiting for you, then it is necessary that you thoroughly analyze the office equipment market and the services and products offered – are you liable to a discount if you buy high quantities, how long is the warranty period and whether the company provides warranty and after warranty services, etc.